Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Advent of E-Mail

Jami: Okay, you know at the end in the tower when Dumbledore tells Draco that he once knew a boy who made all the wrong choices. Well, before I assumed he was talking about Voldemort because of his speech at the beginning on the first night of school. But that doesn't really make sense rhetorically. I mean, Draco would think Voldemort made the right choices. So maybe this is really obvious and I'm just catching up, but I think he was either talking about himself or Grindewald. Perhaps this doesn't matter at all, but I wanted to share.

Me: I think this is great, and I do think that he was talking about himself rather that Grindewald. He had once made all the wrong choices (in his past with Grindewald which had consequences for his family) before he realized that there was a way out, which is what he would have wanted Draco to know.

All-seeing commentator: AMAZING! Way to use grad student skills.

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