Monday, August 3, 2009

snippets from various artists

So, I have been extremely lazy lately and haven’t really been blogging at all. I really need to step up my game (something a friend told me the other day). So here is a short post.

Everyone (i.e., like two people) has been sending me information about these random new artists they have been discovering, so here is some information about some new artists. Yeah!

I went to the White Linen Festival in New Orleans last weekend, and I was surprised to see a couple new artists that I liked. We barely went into the galleries because we were busy drinking and walking around. This is who I discovered: Raine Bledsoe and Doyle Gertjejansen.

Bledsoe’s work was really interesting. He/She (ambiguously gendered name, right?) worked in mixed media. I snagged this picture from a Shreveport blog. It’s of a twig person surrounded by pages from an old book. I got to see this piece in one of the galleries. Another interesting piece of was of tree made out of lines of poetry that were cut up into a tree’s shape.

The other really neat artist that I discovered was Gertjejansen. His work was very colorful, and he painted on some really large canvases, which looked really nice. I couldn’t save any painting from his site, but here is the link to check out.

The third artist, who I did managed to get a picture of/from, is Julia Blackmon. I like how her work is about domestication, but also the revelry that kids feel when they sort of break the rules. Interesting stuff.

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Courtney said...

I love these artists! Thanks for sharing them and for blogging again! Hooray! And miss you.