Sunday, May 31, 2009

bourgeois, n.1 and a.

bourgeois, n.1 and a.
A. n.

1. orig. A (French) citizen or freeman of a city or burgh, as distinguished from a peasant on the one hand, and a gentleman on the other; now often taken as the type of the mercantile or shopkeeping middle class of any country. Also fem. bourgeoise, a Frenchwoman of the middle class.
2. Used disparagingly. a. In communist or socialist writings: a capitalist; anyone judged to be an exploiter of the proletariat.
2. Resembling the middle classes in appearance, way of thinking, etc. Also used disparagingly: selfishly materialistic or conventionally respectable and unimaginative; = PHILISTINE a. 2. (See also quot. 1960.)

I have been feeling incredibly bourgeois lately. I have just spent the past 10 and 1/2 days at home doing absolutely whatever I want. Within reason and morality though. It has just been one helluva week, as they say. I sit, perhaps at the pinnacle of the feeling of bourgeois-ness, at the computer reflecting on this most awesome Better Than Ezra concert that I just attended with some dear friends. It was quite amazing. All week though has sort of reflected this amazing-ness feeling. I have been reading (although very little of stuff of true merit, if there is such a thing), watching TV, listening to some awesome music (I finally got Glen's cover of "Into the Mystic," and I discovered a most cool new band), and I swam for five hours on Friday past.

Laziness, exploitation of the proletariat...well maybe, but it just seems that I have been feeling very "free" of things lately. I have been becoming more laid back and open to fun and a little chaos. I think I can almost say with some authority, yet again if there is such a thing) that Disney's UP is the greatest Pixar film. As Laura and I enjoyed a great post-movie analysis discussion I realized that the mundane, the everyday is amazing. It is worth living for. So I guess I also look back on this past week knowing that in many ways it exemplifies so much good-ness. If possible, I wish I could have spent even more time with those whom I love because there is never enough time to go around really. And on that note, I will finish this as I plan to stay up for the next three hours before flying to Tulsa. I have much to plan. The next two months will be far from ordinary as I finish up one chapter of my life to start another. I look forward to seeing the everyday of this summer!


Jami said...

The last of your chapter here. Seriously. You had better plan on me having a reoccurring role throughout the book.

Courtney said...

I can't wait to share the everyday with you! What a beautiful post!

Sam said...

You know it's interesting that you say the mundane and everyday is amazing because, in a pre-movie conversation with Jami I predicted that the film would be about the simpler things in life (i.e. sitting on a curb, eating ice cream, and counting cars with people you love), and I think the movie is geared toward the times- a recession where everyone needs to feel a little "up"- but the film shows Disney's progress as it does not allow people to escape reality in the end, or believe in happy endings, but rather it allows them to finally return to reality feeling a little better about it. Sigh- I loved the film and cannot wait to talk about it with my class. Thought I'd share that thought.