Friday, April 10, 2009

Sara Bareilles

In honor of my seeing Sara Bareilles in concert tonight (as part of TU's Spring Fest events), I thought I would write this short post about my favorite songs from her debut album, Little Voices. Of course, her first single, "Love Song," has made its way through a number of radio stations, TV shows, and movies. I'm sure it will be one of those enduring songs that will find its way into romantic comedies and angsty romances for the next couple of years. Nevertheless, I think a number of her other songs from Little Voices are much more interesting, and even though they don't get the play time of "Love Song," some of these songs are pretty great.

This video is of "Gravity" is sweet little ballad(?). It is a quite song about love, memory, and relationships. She says in the video that it is about her first real break-up.

This is the video for "Fairytale." On the CD, she sings just a tad bit more tempo. The lyrics for this song are just genius though I think.

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

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